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    I have a problem by show the portfolio in the theme. If I open he page in Google Chrome and scroll, the background will be with (see video: Also in Mozilla Firefox is a bug. I choose two columns, but Firefox show only one (see video: Also I try to deactivate all pulgins – that are also not a solution…

    How can I fix these bugs?



    I forgot, the link to the website is


    The chrome bugs is fixed. How? I dont’t know. Now I need help by the firefox bug…

    In the same problem is described, but no solution.


    Hi NextOne100,

    It looks like the screenr links are down. I’m not quite sure what the issue is you are having but will tag the thread so that if you can re-post them I’ll be sure to see the response once its up.




    Your forum software add the brecket at the send of the link. Here are the right ones


    Thank you for re-posting them. I see what you mean now with Firefox though I’m not able to reproduce the issue with Chrome. I’ll need to tag the thread for Kriesi to look at however since I can’t seem to identify whats happening with the isotope effect in Firefox.


    I wrote: “The chrome bugs is fixed. How? I dont’t know. Now I need help by the firefox bug…”.

    And I wait for help because of the firefox bug…


    I wait…


    And wait…


    Hi NextOne100,

    I checked your site using Mozilla Firefox 12.0 and the bug doesn’t happen on my end.





    I could finally reproduce the issue after some testing in the latest version of firefox. the bug will be fixed with the next theme update coming during the next week.

    Best regards,


    Edit: Ok funny: now that I try to fix the issue It seems gone, both on the latst version of firefox and also on version 3+

    if anyone can stil reproduce the issue please let me know…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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