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    just figured out a behavior that seems to be a bug with flexible grid gallery in cooperation with portfolio pages. When I use the flexible grid gallery style within an portfolio page it’s going to show only a maximum of 16 pictures no matter how much you uploaded, and you get the message “No more images available”. All other gallery styles are showing a bigger amount of pictures if available.

    When you use the same amount of pictures with flexible grid on an regular page … flexible grid works fine.

    What’s the deal about it? Seems to be slightly buggy, isn’t it?

    Can somebody help me elsewise?

    all the best



    hello support,

    would appreciate a support behavior … just paid money for the theme.




    There seem to be an update of the theme,…. dont know what the update is… but maybe it will fix it…

    I have not tried the things that you are trying to get right… so I cannot help… just wanted you to know about the update… maybe it says something about the update…

    Just run a backup before you update… just in case…


    thanks for that reply and tip .. will report the result


    No problem! Hope it will help you…

    It is kind of frustrating not to get it up and running… I had a lot of problem with the woocommers plugin… and solved it by making a dummy page that I selected on the woocommers setup.. that fixed it for me…

    but I have some questions by my self… :-) So I know that you are frustrated…


    erm … where to get the update ;) ???


    seems to be I’m running the latest v1.4?? Is there really a new one?


    Well.. thats what the dude told someone here… and the download looks different from what I downloaded last week!



    sorry for the delay, my fault.

    Flashlight has recently been updated, several bugs were solved. You can download the newest version through ThemeForest in your downloads section.


    Hi Guys,

    just tried the new Version (1.5.1) and no improvement. Still the same behavior. 26 Photos has been uploaded. Flexible Grid Gallery shows up only 16 Pictures while 3 column gallery shows up the full set. For proof reasons I’ve just deactivated all my other plugins but no alleviation.

    Really annoying, can someone help?



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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