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    I just noticed that the theme’s footer appears to the right side of the page outside of the main content area when looked at on an iphone. Not sure if this is the same on other devices. Just open the demo of the theme without the theme forest header and you will see what I mean.

    needs fixing asap



    I tested Brightbox with Opera mobile and I couldn’t reproduce the bug. I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it. Hopefully he has an iphone…



    I am sorry but I cannot see any bugs on my iphone. which iphone and ios version are you using? the latest ios version on iphone 4 works perfectly fine for me

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    ios 3 on 3GS


    I didn t upgrade that phone as I am grandfathered with the unlimited data on that plan. I haven t checked on ios4

    I understand it is not the latest version but I am more curious as to why this is happening.

    I have noticed that sometimes the content of brightbox before the footer gets “eaten” ie does not show ie push the length of the page down. This is noticeable with some sidebars. I guess this is because you are probably not wrapping the footer into a div from the top of the page.

    PS: this happens with or without the Theme forest header and does not happen with other themes as far as I know


    I am running into the same problem. Very bad issue and at this point I don’t have time to redo the site. Did this bug get fixed and is there an update?? I am using an android phone and I am not sure what other info would be helpful.


    and I am using the velvet theme


    I’m not aware of an update about this specific issue but Kriesi will release an update soon.


    how will we know there is an update. will the theme auto update or will the theme need to be repurchased.


    We’ll announce the update (twitter, forum) and you can download it for free at http://themeforest.net (log in and go to the download section).


    I recently downloaded the theme. The iphone 3G problem is still there. The footer does not align under the rest of the site, it goes to the right. Was this fixed recently?

    How do I know if the Brightbox version I downloaded is the most current. Where can I find the theme version identifiers?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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