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    BTW I think I did find one bug in the Propulsion CSS styling…if you define a Custom Template with the page/post content directly above the Slideshow (my very simple template simply had Heading, Post/Page Content, Slideshow), then the Slideshow does not clear the Post/Page Content…instead it ends up being displayed level with the top of the post/page content, but off to the right, mostly off screen. Broken CSS. You need to insert the simple CSS rule:

    .slideshow_container { clear: both; }

    …into the custom.css file. Its an easy fix but maybe some people who don’t know CSS will want to use the default styling, and they will encounter this problem with such custom templates. I confirmed it by reverting my custom.css file to a blank file to be sure the problem was not due to anything else I had done. Slideshow was still mostly off-screen on the right, vertically aligned with the top of the post/page content.

    I’m on a Mac in Firefox I didn’t test it in other browsers, though.



    Thank you for the heads up. I will tag Kriesi to include this on the next update. :)



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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