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    It could be because I’ve heavily modified my theme, but I’m finding that portfolio sorting in Chrome (but not Safari) wrongly-positions the last column:

    Chome version 13.0.782.220 (Windows)



    the bug should be fixed in the latest version – Kriesi posted a fix some some while ago:

    Ok I found some time to look into it and it seems there is a problem with the dynamic width. try the following:

    in style.css at arround line 1147 search for #template-portfolio-overview .one_third and change it to:

    #template-portfolio-overview .one_third {
    margin-left: 40px;
    width: 243px;

    That seems to fix the error


    Great thanks.

    Actually I solved it myself with what I think is a better solution: I moved the margin from the left to the right, which not only makes things much easier to align to left without CSS workarounds, but also simplifies the JavaScript as there’s no zeroing needed for the margin.

    I’ve been doing a lot of editing of the markup and CSS of the scheme this last month, and unfortunately, I think the overall CSS approach is way to convoluted. 2.5K lines of code is too much, there’s loads of ambiguous CSS naming, and quite a few of my customisations have been a lot more difficult than they should be. There’s some great ideas in there, but I think perhaps everything needs a spring clean – take it all out, organise it, and only put the good stuff back in again.

    Saying that …

    1) I think Broadscope is an awesome theme, and it’s allowed to get myself online in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to roll my own solution

    2) It looks fantastic, and I certainly couldn’t have done that on my own

    3) The back end is awesome

    4) I doubt most people customize as much as I do

    5) I’m a pretty hardcore coder… so I’m bound to be opinionated!

    Keep up the great work,



    Thanks. I’ll report your comment to Kriesi (because it’s a very constructive criticism :) )


    Thanks for your ideas. I will probably not update the whole CSS file if it isnt necessary, since most user would lose their customizations.

    The problem with 2.5k lines of CSS is that I could easily reduce them to some extend by grouping, but that would make it far less editable for beginners I think. The second problem is that I have to take into account all the WordPress default styles, widgets etc which are quite a lot.

    But I am probably the first one to admit that my naming conventions do suck a little bit, somehow I always come up with new names for the same stuff :P

    Nevertheless thanks for your opinion, always good to hear som constructive criticism ;)

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