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    I’m working on a website running Flashlight template and while I was making changes in code, the Image Gallery stopped working…

    E.g, in a post, if I place images in the Image Gallery and make update to the post, they don’t appear and if I come back to post edit, they are gone. The same happens to when I want to create a new product with Woocommerce, again, the same problem with Image Gallery.

    I was wondering if getting back the original files that controls the Image Gallery that would fix. Can you tell what are those files that comes in the .zip, when someone bought Flashlight? Or does the problem comes somewhere else and replacing for the original files will not help?

    I’m trying not to install the theme again and placing the content from scratch :( any help?




    I’ve actually been having the same problem. I even reinstalled it and that didn’t solve the issue either. I hope we can find an answer!



    Without knowing exactly what you changed in the first place I don’t think there is anything I can do.

    Can you give me any other information? Version of Flashlight you are using, WooCommerce, if you have any other plugins installed etc.


    I have the same problem, I notice on mine after I add image the to the gallery, when i press save all changes button first the button “..then close the window and update gallery preview” disappears. When I go back in to find the button again, I am able to get the photos into the preview, but when I go to update the page, all the images are gone, they are not even the gallery for that page. I tried many different ways to see if they will stay and i am having no luck.


    Do you think it would be possible for you to make a quick video of the issue happening so I can take a look at exactly whats going on from your point of view.

    You can use a free service like and then link me to the video here.

    Thank you :)


    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Well, the Flashlight version is 1.4, the Woocommerce is

    Additionally to WooCommerce, I have the plugins White Label CMS and Password Protect Plugin for WordPress.

    Before this problem, I noticed also that in the Dashboard, on the left menu, the word “Flashlight” has disappeared next to the icon of the settings… so there must be something I changed around here… :/

    Here’s a screenr so you can better understand the problem:

    Same problem as dcartist, after I publish the changes, I go back and the image I uploaded is gone.

    Thanks for your concern Devin!

    Best regards



    I’m having the same problem on my site as shown in Bunker_ST’s video. When I upload images to a gallery, one of two things happens.

    If I press “save all changes”, the box in which I upload the images never closes, and nothing happens (thumbnails do not show up.) If I press “Then close this window….” the thumbnails sometimes show up in the CMS. In either case, the gallery does not show up in the actual post. I can provide more information if needed – just wanted to get some support on this as it seems to be a common problem. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


    Ditto, I’m having the same problem, the home page slideshow won’t show the gallery images, it did at first, but when I tried uploading more images to the gallery it went haywire. I love this theme but being a photographer and needing to change the images regularly, there needs to be a better way. Would really appreciate some help in fixing this problem.

    Thanks heaps


    Can anyone help with this problem, our website is our main advertising and at the moment it is not displaying any images on our front page, I have tried everything I can think of but nothing works, If it cant be solved I definitely want a refund.



    Hey All,

    I made sure to test this out quite a few times and I think the main issue was just in the step by step process. By pressing the Save all instead of the other button doesn’t correctly save the image. I did a clean installation of wordpress and woocommerce so that I could test it a few times in the various ways in which you described. I know the theme documentation doesn’t highlight this correctly, but you shouldn’t have any issues if you click the Upload button, then you click “..then close the window and update gallery preview”. Once you update the page/post it, you shouldn’t have any issues with the images.

    I did run into an issue when I downloaded the newest 1.4.4 of WooCommerce that caused the single product pages to display incorrectly. If you run into this as well, add the following to your Quick CSS:

    .template-shop-single .product{
    overflow: visible;

    If you are still having issues after pressing only the “…then close the window and update gallery preview” button we’ll take another look to see if we can figure out whats going on. Sorry for the frustration, I know you just want to have the site up and running and looking perfect :)


    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the reply!

    Unfortunately the appliance of the CSS in the Quick CSS editor didn’t helped…

    Personally, I noticed that I had to make that procedure of clicking “..then close the window and update gallery preview” before “Save” and the woocommerce worked well with the implementation of items, in a way that in the Screenr I sent, there were 2 products already created but, somewhere during website coding tweaking, the gallery stopped working…

    Do you know what are the files, in the purchased .zip, that control the gallery, so I can substitute them? Or do you know any other procedure that might help?

    Thanks and good work



    Hey Joao,

    Make sure to turn off ANY plugins that are on except for WooCommerce and see if you still have the issue.


    Hi Devin,

    Nop, still not showing the pics

    Best regards



    Do you want me to send you by email the wp-admin access details, so you can check better where the problem might be?

    Best regards



    Ok, I just made a fresh install of the theme, just to see if the images work now, made the trick of clicking “..then close the window and update gallery preview” button first, the thumbnails appear above the Upload button and when I make Update, the images still don’t appear… >:(


    Similar problem to the others here but the work-around is to edit any image meta from the WP Media Library and not try to do it from within the ‘insert gallery’ box while you’re editing a portfolio piece.

    Hitting any button other than “…then close the window and update.” will break the gallery, as was stated above. If you upload gallery images but need to change image titles or add other meta, go ahead and publish the piece and then go to the WP media library. Change your image meta from in there and use the normal ‘save’ button and your gallery will update just fine.

    Hitting anything other than “…then close the window…” while in the gallery insert window will break it. In that case, you need to delete the piece entirely, create a new one, add any other ‘loose’ layout images -first-, and then upload your gallery images.

    Edit: seems to be some other step tripping me up here, I’m not having much success creating the page in one go and it likely stems from the addition of ‘loose’ images/gallery/lightbox in the page content itself. The sure way for me to post seems to be to avoid adding additional images, or: create a portfolio item, fill out the layout and images, publish, edit it, select all the content and cut it, delete that portfolio item, create a new one, paste the content, add the gallery, and then publish THAT one. Then fix my image titles separately. Your mileage may vary if not using ‘loose’ images. Meh. But hey it looks fantastic.

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