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    First, I didn’t bought Angular template but I have access to your forum, due to the purchase of other theme.

    What brought me here is the fact that I’m interested in acquiring Angular theme, but the problem is that I’m viewing the demo site in Chrome and it seems to have a bug, not showing certain areas, only when I draw a selection area with the cursor (see the following image)

    Beside the buggy-thing, I will use this topic to ask the following:

    > is it possible to choose the type of display I want for the portfolio items, once I click on one of them, to see more details.


    The details of each item on Portfolio 3 Columns has a different interaction comparing to Portfolio 4 Columns.

    Can this be configured or is it standard option?





    I was searching on the forum and I discovered this post that has the same problem:


    1) I couldn’t reproduce this issue yet and I’m not sure if it’s a theme bug or a client/browser related issue.

    2) Yes – you can deactivate/activate the ajax feature for each portfolio individually. It’s not limited to 2 column portfolios, etc.

    FYI – Coherence also offers an ajax portfolio feature.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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