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    The message I get in the console is:

    [blocked] The page at https://ebc-ny.com/storefront/checkout/ ran insecure content from http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Droid+Sans.

    Anytime I try to access the checkout page. I don’t want to make the entire site secure and it would work but it seems this is hard-coded somehow? Where is this and can I override it?


    Hi sjpanther01,

    Open framework>php>class-style-generator.php and search for:


    Change the http: to https, save the file then re-upload to the same spot in your theme files (if you aren’t editing the file on the server). That should change the font to load in securely.




    Thanks for pointing me to the code. I have created a child theme to preserve my customization when theme framework is updated. Where can I copy this file (“framework>php>class-style-generator.php”) so that it gets used by my theme rather than the one in the framework?

    I copied it to “wp-content/”mytheme”/framework/php” but it did not work. Should it find it there and use it instead?

    Can’t a coding fix be put in place to handle both “http” and “https”?


    Hi sjpanther01,

    I’m not sure overloading that page with a child theme is your best choice. It would probably just be more practical to re-upload that single page whenever you apply an update.

    I believe in the newest framework (in coalition) there are some changes in how the fonts are loaded in but I’ll double check with Kriesi.




    I appreciate you taking this back to Kriesi and making him aware of the issue. Please let me know what you discover in your conversation with Kriesi as this would be a problem for all eCommerce themes.

    Can I create a child theme from Propulsion? It was suggested that a child theme with Propulsion might not be “practical”. Normally, in the WordPress world it is suggested to take this approach to insulate against theme/framework changes. Does this not work well with “Propulsion” and other Kriesi themes?


    I would like to follow up on this too. I aslo think that the automatic handling of HTTP and HTTPS would be prefereable as this IS supposed to be Ecommerce ready.

    If I try changing the HTTP to HTTPS in the admin section it takes my whole site offline leaving me with a message that it “cannot load as infinite loop has been detected!”

    I notice that the Twitter gadget is also causing the “my account” pages to “not load due to insecure content” its hardly the message I need to reassure customers!

    Will there be an update to ensure that the theme is ready for the very necessary HTTP out of the box?


    Hi All,

    I’m not sure if a change will or will not be included in a future update but we’ll post if we have any news :)

    @martingfisher – There isn’t anywhere that I know of that you can or should change the http to https in the theme admin. The wordpress admin does allow you to change the url of your site but it should not effect the theme. If you have an issue like that, please make a new topic so we can keep things organized and specific to the error for the individual.




    Hey! The latest versions of the framework checks for https and includes the fonts accordingly. If any other issues arise pleaee let me know in a new thread, this ones already very hard to follow :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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