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    After updating to WordPress 3.5.1 most of the links in the site stopped working (are not clickable)

    The cursor doesn’t change on hover and looks like no click event is being triggered also. Actually Firebug and the Chrome inspector behave funky.

    I tracked down the problem to the post-entry CSS class, any container including this class will produce this behavior in the included anchors.

    I suppose there is some JS interfering, but I haven’t been unable to track it down.

    I shutted down almost all plugins without luck also.



    Please post a link to your website.




    Thanks for asking.

    In this page the links aren’t clickable:

    In this they are clickable:


    Hi anibalrojas,

    Is the Mission/Vision page the only page in your site that has unclickable links? If it’s the only one, then kindly add this css code on your Quick CSS or at the bottom of custom.css:

    .page-id-956 .post-entry {
    float: none;


    .page-id-956 .post-entry {
    float: none !important;



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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