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    Hello! Broadscope have problems viewing in Internet Explorer 9. You can help me? thanks!



    can you provide more details please. The demo page display fine for me here. Maybe it’s a plugin conflict?



    The web is

    You can see the errors in this jpg:

    I send email data access to web.




    I’ve looked over the site in IE9, there’s no reason why the image won’t load so it’s something else on the page causing the problem, most likely a JS conflict (contact form 7).

    Can you try disabling all your plugins and test the site in IE9 then feedback the results?



    thanks, I’ll try


    I tried it and it is not the problem. need urgent solutions. thanks



    Have you modified any theme files at all?

    Have you disabled all your plugins?

    The image is present on the page and opens correctly in a separate window so it’s not a problem with the image. Do you notice the same problem on the demo?




    Have you modified any theme files at all? yes

    Have you disabled all your plugins? yes

    at first seemed to work, but if you browse, errors appear.

    I do not know where the problem

    Sorry my english.


    great! now it works! I think that is the plugin contact form 7. If I have a problem I tell you. thanks! thanks!


    I have the same problem. Disable contact form 7, but still have the problem, so it is not because of this plugins

    i have 3 images int the slideshow, 1 load, 2 others dont

    can’t understand why


    ´Can you post a link please?


    No solution ? No asnwer ?

    i thought there was some support when we bought this theme



    @karbon74: I’ve just tested your site in IE9, the frontpage images load for me without any issues and scroll correctly. Is it possible you can test your site on another computer?

    Just FYI, support is not a requirement of Theme Forest and this service is provided free of charge. Support requests are answered in the order received and usually within 24 – 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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