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    Hi…I’m a regular customer. I have a few Broadscope sites and recently purchased Replete. By comparsion, Broadscope is in bad need of some updates. Social icons, option to ad Google translate to the header would also be great. Launching soon….second request for an update if possible. Any chance Kriesi or someone could give Broadscope some love and add a few updates? (quite out of date). I’m not that tech savvy. So, the theme otions are great for me. scared to dive into the editor. Likely to break something!





    Kriesi will be releasing updates soon. Although I doubt it if Broadscope will have the added features you can see on Replete. :)

    Let me tag this one to Kriesi.





    one of the problems is that broadscope runs on an older framework version and therefore adding a feature is much more effort then with all our other themes. unfortunately simply updating the framework would break the theme for all users who installed it pre-update.

    So the chance of getting a lot of new stuff into broadscope is rather slim currently.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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