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    Just wondering how I can fix the problem of too many menu items in the menu bar. They drop down into a second line which is just words not buttons. The problem is I have some page names that are long. Is it possible to have a set with for buttons and the name can be two lines? Change depth of button?




    Hi Amelia,

    Are you already using the Menus manager in Apperance>Menus? You can change the displayed menu item name by expanding the menu item in the visual editor for that interface so that they don’t span multiple lines.

    If you can link to your site here we can take a look at what you have now to see if there are any option to expand the individual items with a bit of css. Otherwise, its quite a bit more complicated of a change.




    The website is you can see they they don’t fit across. I was hoping that there would be a way to make for example…

    Home Sustainability


    And that’s the button. Is that possible?


    You could but the change is a little bit of a hack and I really can’t say how it will do with all browsers. You would need to set up your menu items to use the break tag where you want a line break. Then add the following to your Quick CSS in the Layout and Styling tab of your theme options:

    #top .avia_mega a {
    line-height: 20px;

    This will push all menu items up to align with the first line but I don’t really see a fix for that without completely re-doing the menu system.

    Edit: I forgot to add an example for a menu item! In your menus manager you need to expand the menu item and in the Navigation Label field model your items after this:

    First Line</br>Second Line



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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