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    I’ve upgraded wordpress to 3.5 with broadscope theme(version 1.3) but the “save all changes” button is “greyed out” on the “theme options page”. I have tested on two different servers with the same result. It doesen’t help to inactivate the plugins either.

    When I downgrade to 3.4.2 the problems disappear. Do you have any solution to this problem or any idea?


    This issue is caused by a small syntax error in wp-content/themes/broadscope/framework/js/avia_option_pages.js – open up the file and replace:

    $('.avia_header .avia_button_inactive, .avia_footer .avia_button_inactive, ').removeClass('avia_button_inactive');


    $('.avia_header .avia_button_inactive, .avia_footer .avia_button_inactive').removeClass('avia_button_inactive');

    I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi and ask him to include the fix in the next update.


    Thank you very much, it works!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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