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    Thank you for all of your help so far! The site is coming along:

    I do have a few requests for info:


    1. I would like to remove the search bar from the header

    2. I would then like to add additional social icons and then move the social icons to the right (basically replacing the search bar)


    3. I would like to use the search bar in the footer, below the Contact Form button. I have attempted to do this, but I cannot figure out how to align the bar properly. Also, if possible, I would like the bar to be white.

    Main Navigation Bar:

    4. I would like the main nav bar font to be bold- but this type only (Visit, Exhibits, Theater…). When I have attempted to do this, the type inside of the dropdown and mega menus change to bold also- no good!

    Thank you in advance for your help!



    5. I would like to place a button (the Donate button on home page) after the social icons on the top right



    Hi MorrisMuseum,

    I’m going to go in order of your list.

    1. Add this to your custom.css or Quick CSS

    #header #searchform { display:none; }

    2. Once you hide the search form your icons should move up. I noticed on your website you have a PHP error so I would check to see the image files you’re linking to are correct.

    3. Add this to your custom.css or Quick CSS

    #footer #searchform {
    margin-left: 38px;
    #footer input {
    background: #ffffff !important;

    4. Add this to your custom.css or Quick CSS

    #top .avia_mega ul li {
    #top .avia_mega ul li li { font-weight:normal; }

    5. Add the button to your header.php after this snippet of code

    <ul class="social_bookmarks">
    <li class='rss'><a href="<?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?>">RSS</a></li>
    if($twitter = avia_get_option('avia, twitter')) echo "<li class='twitter'><a href='".$twitter."'>Twitter</a></li>";
    if($facebook = avia_get_option('avia, facebook')) echo "<li class='facebook'><a href='".$facebook."'>Twitter</a></li>";
    <!-- end social_bookmarks-->

    Hope this helps!




    MYA or other support team member,

    Thanks for the response. I am having MANY ISSUES with your posted answers; I would like further assistance to work it all out.


    1. I have removed the search bar from the header, but the icons have not moved to the right- what to do?

    2. I have added additional social icons, but they are not aligned with the others- how do I do this?

    3. After additional social icons were added, there are new issues with the main nav bar- what to do?

    4. I have attempted to add the donate button, but failed, by using the shortcode available in the page editor- is this not the best way?

    Nav Bar:

    5. The code that you provided changed the content of the mega menu to bold- this is not what I would like. I would like the titles of the main nav bar, as seen when viewing the homepage, to be bold- how do I do this?


    5. Search bar is not properly aligned. I would like it to be under the contact button- how to do this?

    FINALLY- now there seems to be glitchy things happening, such as when the home page loads, the gray background does not appear OR at other times the entire background is gray.

    PLEASE ASSIST ASAP!!!!!!! tight deadlines and critical eyes to be viewing the site shortly.




    I NEED answers to these questions- please.



    Hi MorrisMuseum,

    I apologize for the delay but it looks like you have most of the issues sorted out as of now. In the future, bumping doesn’t help but actually makes it a bit harder to see a post that needs attention.

    If you need additional help with any of the above, we’ll do our best to assist if possible.



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