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    Im using posts with more than one featured image also galeries. When I duplicate post on other languages it display only first featured image not others. It means I need to reupload again all images for each language. This is realy time consuming as I have lots of posts on daily bases.

    I have seen simmilar posts on this issue but seams that there is no solution yet. Does anyone have solution for this problem. Im subscribed on full WPML plugin set.

    EDIT: just one more thing to ad. On front page where it should be one featured image pulled from post. If post have galleries it shows also images from gallery instead of showing just one featured images.




    Hi Danny,

    The thing is, that if you installed a fresh theme and the newest WPML plugin, everything would be working well. I suspect the problem occured when WordPress updated to 2,5 version, it made some changes For some reason t duplicate ate function doesn’t work on databases a few months old, because I made a number of videos you can find in the Brightbox forum, where I show with a fresh install that everything is working just fine. I know that is no consolation to you. However I may have an idea.

    To better understand your problem…. You have a few hundred posts and you want to duplicate the images and settings real quick. I would use a macro recorder to do that. You record yourself taking images from original post and creating a translation post manually once. Then the macro recorder replays it for all the other posts without a need for you to do anything, you can go to sleep, wake up and all your posts would be copied. I know its not an ideal solution, but I tried it and it worked great.

    I used Jitbit Macro Recorder .. its 40$, and the best tool i found in a long while.

    Take a look at my post from yesterday and the screen cast attached where I recorded myself and let the recorder do my job for me. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -rom-broadscope-theme#post-107161




    Hi Nick

    Thanks for the answer I might try fresh install of the theme and plugin. Are you sure that everything will work? I had some custom edits through the theme so its not an easy way



    I can’t be sure of anything because each new release of WPML or anything else changes things. I recommend people to never update anything once they get their site stable. Its much more constructive and profitable to build new sites then spending ones life updating the same site for a few days of every month.

    However, If you create a post/page/etc in english, and then create another in a different language. and then once they are saved you add a relationship between those pages in WPML, it worked for me every time.

    Why dont you go download the free gadget that will create and install wordpress on you local home compyter at and see for yourself, takes 10 mins.



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