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    Hello again …

    nach dem Update auf die neueste WordPress Version und

    dem Update auf die neueste BrightBox Theme habe ich folgendes Problem:

    Im BrightBox Template Builder

    >> Post/page Content

    >> Which Content?

    >> Choose a post

    >> Select Post !!!

    In “Select Post” … sehe nur die letzten 5 Artikel (Posts) ?

    Habe die Artikel und Kategorien auch noch mal neu angelegt … nur 5 …

    Sprich kann unter ” Select Post” nur die “letzten” 5 Artikel wählen ?

    Gruß QT



    thanks – I could reproduce the bug and I reported it to Kriesi.


    Thanks for the notice! I was able to track down the error, an update will be released within the next 24 hours :)




    Thanx to you Kriesi and Dude …

    will wait for the new update … cause changing the engine (theme)

    is always a problem and just helps for a moment and only me …

    a clean update is always the best ; )

    But please … please !!! …

    Mention always a new “UPDATE” on your on own page (using not tiwtter)

    or better … could you make a notice on the wp backend, like

    other themes or plugins do it … there is a new update … : )

    Thx … QT … ; )


    I’ll ask Kriesi to find a custom solution (maybe blog entries, update category or newsletter).


    Still waiting … for an update …

    (great theme no questions …)

    But since 2 month I try to get this theme running

    but after the xxxxxxx wordpress update …

    In his case it´s my own site, so there is not

    really a deadline … but if i would use it for client

    customisation … mmhhh … they won’t wait …

    Hope it will be fixed soon …

    Greets QT : )


    Kriesi uploaded the new theme files today (to my dropbox account). I’m not sure if they’re already available on themeforest. The newest version is: 1.2.2.

    If they’re not online yet they will be in the next 24h.


    Thx Dude / thx Kriesi …

    I checked it out …

    Yes … a new update is now (22-08-2011) available on themeforest !!!

    … now I can finish it … ; )

    Thx and Greetz QT


    Its still listed as 1.2.1 – looks like you forgot to change it from the 05 Aug update.



    nice catch, Dogmut, I’ll notify Kriesi about this.

    Thanks :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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