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    I use the brightbox theme . My website is and .eu and .dk
    I have a problem. My starting page is a bunch of things from brightbox Template Builder. One of the elements is the portfolio where i have the new seminars. It works fine when i dont choose categories. When I choose though in the english translation i get nothing found in the place where the portfolio items should be.
    I tried to go to the englishpage of the Template Builder and choose from there. When I do that i lose all my settings in all my pages created in the Template Builder. So that was not a solution.

    The categories of my portfolio items are created first in greek and then through wpml translated to english. All this time i hadi put it again in no categories but i need to add a different portfolio with items that shouldnt be in my homepage.

    I send that to wpml and they contacted you and your response was:
    “es wpml is compatible with Brightbox and yes, the theme is built on the same framework as all my other recent themes. If I understand the user correctly he has an empty template builder when using another language, which is indeed expected behavior.
    We built the framework that way so he can create a unique options set for each language. This allows for a maximum in flexibility but needs a little more setup time.”

    my response was
    “well thats not my case. I have dynamic templates in both languages. So what else could i try to make it work?”

    and they send me to talk to you directly


    Hey flowidity!

    Yes, the wpml support staff is right. Brightbox creates a separate option set for each language. You need to create a frontpage template for the Greek version of the website, then you need to save the template and switch to the English version. Then you need to create another template for the English frontpage and save the template again. Then go to your frontpage and select the Greek template for the Greek frontpage and the English template for the English version.

    When I do that i lose all my settings in all my pages created in the Template Builder.

    Yes, that’s the side effect of the different option sets. It’s not possible to transfer the templates from one language to another but you need to configure them for each language individually. I can understand this template builder concept is a bit tedious if you already created many templates for the Greek version but by going this way we can make sure that the template builder (and theme options) are as flexible as possible and the user can create different templates for each language.

    Best regards,

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    When I create a dynamic template (lets call them dt) in Greek it is automatically made in English. All the configuration goes too. I don’t have anything to do. What you suggest is to make double dt for English?.



    Yes, please create me a wordpress admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it.


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