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    I am a complete newbie at making websites and using Brightbox and WordPress.

    I love the Brightbox theme, but I can’t get mine to look like the demo! I have scoured through the excellent documentation provided, but I’ve ended up confusing myself even more.

    I am so confused by Portfolios, Pages, Products (wanting to set up a shop), Categories, etc.

    What is the difference between portfolios and products? Do I use both? I currently have WP e-Commerce as my shop and payment plugin, but I have no idea to use their products page or the Brightbox Portfolio.

    Is there anyone that could set up my WP site with Brightbox? I’m willing to pay someone to get me started and I’ll just copy the examples to fill out the rest of my shop, etc. I have tried to solicit for help in online freelance networks, but no one has enough experience with the set up I have / want.

    Apologies if this is an inappropriate ask here, but I’m desperate and have no where else to turn. Thanks for any suggestions!


    Hi peas,

    If you go to Brightbox > Theme Options, you’ll see a green “Import dummy data” button. Click on that and it will setup the website as seen in the demo. From there, you can click on Pages, Products, Portfolio Items, etc. to see what Kriesi did.

    As far as your other questions…

    Pages = This simply a static page with content such as About Us, Contact Us, Services, Privacy Policy, etc. A page can also be a placeholder for your portfolio or products.

    Portfolio Items = This is special type of post created by Kriesi that allows you to upload images to your portfolio gallery. So for example, if you were an artist and using this theme to display your work – you would use “Portfolio Items”. See “Portfolio” in the demo.

    Products = This is another special type of post that allows you to sell products on your website.

    Posts = If you have a Blog and want to post entries/content to it you would use “Posts”.

    Categories = Posts, Portfolio Items and Products contain the option of organizing content into categories.

    Remember the main difference to all of these is what you can do with them. For instance, “Products” gives you options like price, shipping, attributes e.g. size, color and so on. Posts give you option to set a publish date and categorize.

    Now you do not *have* to use both Portfolio Items and Products unless you have some items you want to sell and others you don’t. You can use one or the other.

    Hope this helps!




    Mya, You’re a doll! Thank you for explaining all of this a bit more for me.

    I’ll read over it again and see if I can sort out my completely messed up site.

    I did try the dummy data when I first started this little adventure, but I ended up more confused and reset everything. Maybe I will try it again though.




    Hi again, Mya!

    Since you were SO helpful with your last reply, I have another question, if you don’t mind (or anyone else who may know):

    I can’t find anywhere if I can just make my blog active for now: Do you know if it’s possible to just activate certain parts of my site until the rest is ready?

    I am currently using a plugin called Coming Soon. That just displays a message that my site is…coming soon. I don’t mind losing this plugin if I can just show my blog for now. I don’t want anyone seeing me playing with everything in the background.

    Thank you!



    Hi Renee,

    You can make your Blog active. By default, Brightbox will display the Blog automatically unless you tell it otherwise so all you need to do is go to Posts > Add New and create your blog posts.

    Once you’ve done that you can work on your pages behind scenes but you’ll need to make sure none of those pages are appearing in the menu otherwise people will be able to access them. So go to Appearance > Menus > create a new menu called Main Menu then in the box labeled “Theme Locations” select Main Menu click both Save buttons. Do not add any menu items though until you’re done with your pages.

    Also be careful of which widgets are active in Appearance > Widgets. You have a “Displayed Everywhere” widget area as well as a “Sidebar Blog” and Footer – column1234.




    Thank you so much (again), Mya. I like the way you explain things…so helpful!




    Thanks Renée! Let us know if you have any more questions.



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