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    I can´t find the language folder on this theme.

    I installed: Codestyling Localization plugin, and it says:

    “Language Folder: The translation file folder is ambiguous, please select by clicking the appropriated language file folder or ask the Author about”

    So please, we need a solution to this.

    I didn´t asked about multilanguage on the theme, as… of course, you are on internet, and that means multilanguage is almost a MUST for an international sale of a theme, isn´t it ?



    I uploaded the po file here:

    I posted instructions on how to translate themes with po files here:


    Hi, in that page says that we still couldn´t translate backend, something that is very important in my case.

    When are you going to enable that ?

    Translating the frontend is just the 50% of the language requirement, I hope you could understand.

    Thanks !


    Hi, beside that, I have translated lot of the .PO file you provided to Spanish.

    BUT I still can´t see translated the:

    Comments word inside the DATE block on the BLOG listing, neither the READ MORE button below each abstract on that listing either.

    So what should I do ?

    I am testing with the first POST that appears here:


    This is a nice post

    I hope we could find a solution.

    Of course I am using:

    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘es_ES’);

    and I installed first your default.po into a new created folder named: language inside your theme folder.


    1) We have no plans to make the admin backend translatable. Over 98%+ of the themes have an English admin interface and are not translatable.

    2) Did you rename default.po to es_ES.po ? Please use the po I provided above not the po from this thread:


    Thanks, I hope you could inform about that direction on your policy and theme datasheet on themeforest -as it will be not possible to translate admin interface- as in my case, ALL the themes I have bought let me translate their ADMIN interface, like PUREVISION and so on…

    In most cases I also provide the spanish translation for free to the developer, you can see that not only at Purevision, but also Spicy theme and others…

    So in my case, UNTIL Brightbox, 100% of the themes I bought let me translate their admin interface, as WP let you do that too.

    I hope you could reconsider that in the future.

    Thanks anyway.


    Hi, about using your Brightbox default.po file you provided via mediafire, yes, I have used it.

    I can send it to you by email with all that words translated and still not working on the site.

    Besides, as your .po file was not fixed to accept plurals words, I have updated in the es_ES.po file to accept that (If I don´t update it, then I would never be able to translate it using Poedit on Mac OS X).

    Telle me to what email address I can send it to you so you can test by yourself that is not yet working.

    Thanks in advance.


    Wow, based on more readings on your Forum, I tried to save the default.po and the es_ES.po and .mo files just “disordered” in the theme folder (NOT inside the language folder as I was used to do in all my previous themes from Themeforest).

    Well now, it seems SOME words appear translated on the theme.

    But as far as I could test:

    a. Words like Categories and – Tags: althought translated using Codestyle localization (what I always use) still are not changing on the site.

    b. but I tried to find that words in your default.po file, and that words are NOT in it yet

    So it seems your default.po file need to be updated to USE ALL the words in the site first, so I could continue translating it.

    Thanks … I will be waiting the updated default.po file.


    Multilanguage especially in Europe, krisie is Austrian, is a MUST. Austrias neighbours: Czech Republic (language other than German), Hungaria (language other than German), Slovenia (language other than German), Germany, (German), Switzerland (3 languages), Italy (3 languages).

    If you want to use themes in a corporate world, even in Austria (where I´m living), you are mostly forced to build multilanguage sites. I have to translate my site in English and Italian, main language German.

    So I have to agree to argos. Even if your themes up to now weren´t prepared for multilanguage use, it is a very important feature, and we customers loose a lot of time in going through all the theme in search of words don´t put in the “default” po file (taken from where?). Accurate work also on .po files would be a reason more to recommend your very well done theme.




    I’ll forward this as a feature request to Kriesi. Maybe he wants to consider it in the future….

    @argos – I’ll report the translation issues to Kriesi. Updating default.po doesn’t help. The problem is that some strings don’t use the translation function at the moment.


    How this issue can be resolved? I really need the site in 3 languages.




    the only solution is to search all text strings in the template files and to replace the “static” text with _e and __ php functions. However this task takes some time and can be very tricky if plural forms, etc. are required.


    Hi, sorry but don´t understood your solution.

    I can make a global search and replace but need exactly to know which WORDS should I find, and how they will have to be replaced.

    For example:



    and replace with


    Is that what I should do?

    Please can you provide a full list of words?

    an english only theme, is not what I need, and I am sorry, but I never assumed you still coded ONE language only themes, so please need an urgent solution, or maybe I should send the theme back to TF ?

    Please help me on this, and as you can read, I am not the only one with this problem…


    Hey everyone. Actually there is a reason why I dont promote my themes as multi language ready since as you pointed out there are still some steps you need to do yourself. If a word in the template files isnt wrapped within a gettext function feel free to tell me and I will update the template.

    Wrapped in gettext means that there is no direct html text output: The word Comment for example should be wrapped like this when echoed:

    <?php _e( 'Comment', 'avia_framework' ); ?>

    or when applied to a variable it should look like this:

    <?php $commentVar = __( 'Comment', 'avia_framework' ); ?>

    I will try to include better translation support with upcoming releases but due to the fact that 95% of my customers are located in US, UK and australia the priority for those tasks isnt as high as fixes and features that really affect those 95%. I hope you do understand.

    However I have just recently requested a WPML licence for developers so there will be improvements, allthough I dont know when these impovements will be ready :)


    Hi, Kriesi. I love the theme, really.

    But I need it in spanish, and it seems that it will not happen soon (I read your reply and although other developers, that promised me making the theme multilanguage in a week after buying it, I understand this will not happen on Brightbox in the future days).

    Please, just let me know if I should stop using it now, and buy another similar, like SHUFFLE theme (already a multilanguage theme) asking themeforest a credit because of the language issue that will not be “fixed-added” soon, or If I still should wait some more days until I could get the .po and .mo files and so I could continue working on the launching of my site using this lovely theme !

    Please, need your advise on this.



    Kriesi currently works on his new theme so an update which will integrate better multilanguage support won’t be released in the near future. You can try to get a refund if you like but imho there’s no reason for it. We never promised to offer a fully translatable theme (as Kriesi pointed out above)…


    That is correct.

    It was my mistake on not Asking before buying, as I assumed nobody could make something in one language in a global marketplace (although as I previously wrote, I bought lot of themes like Spicy, for example, that were only delivered in English but in 2 days they added the .po and .mo files…).

    Thanks anyway.

    I really hope you could add that feature maybe for next year, I will not ask refund because it was mistake (or maybe yours because on the theme page it doesn´t say: Please consider that the theme is and will only be available in ONE language and can´t be translatable in an easy way… ).

    I will try to change words manually as necesary so I don´t have to invest again, and for sure, you have a GREAT SUPPORT for the rest of things on the theme, so I will keep it.

    Thanks for your fast answer.


    Hello Kriesi, Hola Argos!

    There is any chance i get the es_ES.po file ? My email is chifli(at)


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