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    I’ve been setting up this new site and yes there are some CSS/PHP mods but the ones applied came from the suggestions/code samples offered in this forum. I do have a child CSS in place for some of the CSS/

    Ever since I changed the slider image size, the page load/browser refresh delay has been more prominent. There is a brief delay where certain sections load partially but in alternate formatting before reverting to the chosen format for that section. It’s one thing to have the font delay, and I understand I can remove that issue by changing the font per instructions on another thread, but on my site it is not only the fonts, but the slider shadow and sometimes the page background, the section below the slider (I thought I correctly followed your posted instructions to remove those portfolio thumbs + work button from under the slider) and but did I miss some code somewhere that’s causing the load delay? This issue takes away from the site professionalism, which is kinda of important considering. Thanks!



    I’d remove the portfolio thumb code completely – at the moment they’re just hidden. Open up index.php and delete:

    <div class="wrapper" id='wrapper_featured_stripe'>

    <div class="center">



    echo '<a href="'.get_permalink($k_option['mainpage']['buttonLink']).'" class="big_button heading ie6fix">';
    echo '<strong class="ie6fix">'.$k_option['mainpage']['buttonText'].'</strong><span class="buttonBg dynamicBg"></span></a>';


    <!-- end center-->
    <!--end wrapper-->


    Yes Thanks Dude, that definitely helps… – any other suggestions? What does it look like to you?


    I’d reduce the size of some images. Firebug network analysis reports around 1,2mb traffic (which causes long page loading times). Maybe try to use jpgs instead of pngs or reduce the quality of your images.


    ok, I’ll look at that, thanks


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Would removing this code also cause me to lose the post preview thumbnails? I have a featured image and a post thumbnail (and sometimes a post content image) set for this post category and only the featured image is showing as the post prev. Not sure if some other code mod for the home page has caused these preview thumbs not to work… or I’m just missing something silly… any thoughts?


    No – this code affects the frontpage slider thumb navigation only. Avisio will display the featured image (and you can set only one featured image) as preview thumb.


    hmm… what is the Post Thumbnail section on the post dashboard for then? If I insert an image in the Post Thumbnail field but NOT in the other Featured Image section (now blank, image removed), then nothing shows for the post preview (at url provided above, post 3)


    The post thumbnails can be used to overwrite the featured image thumbnail (i.e. if the image resize function crops the featured image and you’d like to use a manually created thumbnail instead you can use the “Preview Picture overwrite” to replace the default featured image). It’s not obligatory though.


    ok, sorry this isn’t sinking in and I appreciate your patience here — I thought that’s what I’m trying to do and it’s not working? The link has 3 posts, all three have a featured image set. They all also had a Post Thumb set, but only the featured image is shown in the preview. (As a test, I removed the featured image from the bottom post, so that post now only has the post thumb — the result is no image shows at all in for a post preview.)


    Yes – I think the featured image is obligatory (so you need to set the featured image and if it’s set wp will check if an overwrite option is set).


    ok- sorry again, I must not have been clear to begin with — on the link given, there are two posts with a featured image AND each has a Preview Picture Overwrite set as well — the problem is the Preview Picture is NOT being displayed, only the featured image. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


    I investigated the “Preview Picture overwrite” and it’s only useful for portfolio entries. The image “Preview Picture overwrite” will be used for portfolio preview pictures on portfolio overview pages. It doesn’t affect single entries (posts, pages and single portfolio entries).


    Ok, got it now — thanks for investigating, very much appreciate your help, Dude!!


    Glad that I could help you :)

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