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    My home page breaks in IE. I’ve tried several different versions of IE and it seems to be the same. I’ve also updated the theme to the latest version. The problem is that the content area doesn’t have a white background so doesn’t display the text properly. This works correctly in both FireFox and Chrome.



    I think the IE problem is caused by this code line:

    <div id="_mcePaste" class="mcePaste" style="position: absolute; left: -10000px; top: 47px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden;"><!--[if gte mso 9]>

    The tag “mso 9” doesnt exist (have a look at this page: ). Please correct or remove the code or deactivate the plugin which outputs the code.


    No one is helping me when I posted this 9 hours ago.

    There is no custom font showing up in ie9 on the one site I used this theme on.

    So I have not titles, not band with name of section, no widget titles etc…

    Geez come on, 3 million people have downloaded ie9 so this is going to be a problem.

    It is still working in older versions of IE.

    What is up?



    I’ve already answered your topic; and as noted this isn’t happening in the demo. It’s probably caused by a JS conflict.

    Please post in your topic as everything gets too hard to follow otherwise.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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