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    the breadcrumb function of (only!!) the portfolio pages are not working right when the portfolio pages are SUBPAGES, at all other posts and pages – except portfolio – all is working right!


    I have this navigation, breadcrumbs are working fine. In the screenshot I am at the main navigation item (= page) “FARB.kunst” resp. its subpage “Philosophie” (remark: in menu changed the title of this navigation point to “Einführung und Übersicht”):

    As you can see in the screenshot, there is a subpage from “FARB.kunst” called “Acrylmalerei”. When I call this page, the breadcrumb is still okay, because “Acrylmalerei” is a normal, not a portfolio page:

    I have now created in “theme options” –> “portfolio” my settings like this:

    That means: portfolio items, that are assigned to the portfolio category “Acrylmalerei” go to this subpage “Acrylmalerei”. So far so good. But when I call such a single portfolio item, then I have in the breadcrumbs this:

    That means: the breadcrumbs are missing the main navigation page “FARB.kunst”, which the page “Acrylmalerei” is subordinated.

    In demo theme, the portfolio pages are main navigation points, but in my case, these portfolio pages are subpages of other normal pages!!

    This has as result:

    Wrong breadcrumbs:

    Sie befinden sich hier: VIAINA Studio / Acrylmalerei / Acrylbild Nr. 1

    The right breadcrumbs should be:

    Sie befinden sich hier: VIAINA Studio / FARB.kunst / Acrylmalerei / Acrylbild Nr. 1

    I guess, somewhere in the code was not considered – concerning the breadcrumbs on single portfolio items – that they could be used as subpages from normal pages, too.

    I have found in framework –> php –> class-breadcrumb.php

    but I’m complete new to PHP so I don’t know what to change or add there for this problem.

    How can I solve this please, so that breadcrumbs working right, when portfolio pages are subpages?



    By the way – if this hint could be helpful – the breadcrumbs work also on all POSTs obviously not right.

    I have a parent page “Blog”. And when I click on one post, stored under “Blog”, then the breadcrumbs say:

    VIAINA STUDIO / Common / Willkommen bei VIAINA

    (“common” is one of the blog post categories, “Willkommen …” is the blog post)

    but the breadcrumbs should be like this:

    VIAINA STUDIO / Blog / Common / My blogpost

    So it is not a matter of only PORTFOLIO items, but this seems to be everywhere concerning POSTS: always the parent page missing in the breadcrumbs.


    We already discussed this issue in the past. The problem is that wp can’t determine if a post or a portfolio category is part of a “blog” or “portfolio” page and there’s no easy way to determine which portfolio page is the “right” page when one category is assigned to several portfolio pages. In addition the new breadcrumb structure would also affect “standard” category archive pages which will result in some weird breadcrumb structures. Another problem is the performance because you’d need to check each category in the breadcrumb against “parent blog/portfolio page configurations” and this will cause some serious perfomance issues – especially for users with lots of portfolio items/categories/pages.

    That said: I reported the “breadcrumb feature request” to Kriesi several times now and I’ll mark this thread for him (some sort of +1).


    thanks a lot, Dude, let’s wait, what Kriesi says.

    Meanwhile, do you have a tip for me how to hide the breadcrumbs especially only on portfolio items/pages?

    Because, when somebody is clicking on the breadcrumbs, he doesn’t come back where he should ;-)


    In header.php replace following code:

    if(!is_front_page() && empty($avia_config['slide_output']))
    echo "<div id='breadcrumb_wrapper' class='container'>";
    new avia_breadcrumb(array('delimiter' => '/'));
    echo "</div>";


    if(!is_front_page() && empty($avia_config['slide_output']) && get_post_type() != 'portfolio')
    echo "<div id='breadcrumb_wrapper' class='container'>";
    new avia_breadcrumb(array('delimiter' => '/'));
    echo "</div>";


    works perfect, thank you! Will wait, what Kriesi has as solution for the first mentioned problem, thanks.



    I’ll close this thread now to get it out of the support queue but Kriesi can reopen it anytime.

    Best regards,




    Its pretty much as dude already said. I am experimenting with session based breadcrumb navigations that simply detect were the user came from and display a breadcrumb navigarion accordingly, when on a single portfolio site but I am not sure if I like the solution, (and more important if custoemrs like the solution and are digging the behavior)

    Therefore I will test the new breadcrumb on a few themes and maybe implement it later on, once I got some feedback…



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