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    Sorry to come back to you so soon we yet more questions!

    Is there really not a way to have the breadcrumbs work in a ‘breadcrumb fashion’? i.e when you click on a portfolio item and then try to return to the portfolio via the breadcrumbs only to find that you’re now in the archive! I know there’s a few posts on this already but surely it’s just not logical as it stands. Breadcrumbs are there (I thought) to direct you back from where you’ve been…aren’t they?

    If you can help with this I’d be truly grateful – it’s doing me head in!

    Thanks loads in advance.


    I’m guessing there’s no way round this at present. The only work-round (which isn’t perfect but should do the job) is to use this redirection plugin (

    Hope that helps anyone who has the same issue.



    I’ll report this request to Kriesi. I know some people don’t like the way our breadcrumb works…maybe Kriesi wants to rewrite it for upcoming themes or theme updates :)


    Thanks – that’s good of you. Cheers


    Hi! Did Kriesi came up with a solution for this? I want the exact same thing – go back, instead of going to a archive..



    the breadcrumb structure hasn’t changed since the last update. I posted a solution how to hide it here:


    I am experiencing the breadcrumb problem.

    If you go to the portfolio which is setup on the our-work page the breadcrumb is fine. When you click the title to view a portfolio item, the breadcrumb changes to use a category, maybe the first category based on alphabet but the link is:

    if you hover over the category it shows in breadcrumb, the url looks like:

    extremely confusing!

    I don’t have any interest in hiding the breadcrumb, I want to fix it. Thanks.


    Hi sloga,

    You can try to use this breadcrumb plugin:, as a temporary solution for the breadcrumbs issue. Hope this is helpful. :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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