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    I am currently using this theme for a website for my father. I set up all kinds of ‘Portfolio Categories’ for him and he is adding his stuff.

    But when he adds an item to a certain portfolio category, it often displays the wrong breadcrumb path when you visit that single portfolio item.


    When you visit this URL:

    The breadcrumb should be:

    Home » Collection » Mitchell Tournament » Mitchell Skish

    But I end up with:

    Home » Collection » Mitchell DL » Mitchell Skish

    The “Mitchell Skish” item is only in the “Mitchell Tournament” category.

    It does this wrong with a lot of items and the breadcrumb seems random (but remains the same for the same item, so it’s not completely random).

    Edit: Hmm, it seems I can only reproduce this error when using Firefox. When I visit the page with Safari or on my iPad with Chrome the breadcrumb seems correct.


    Kriesi uses a server session to determine the portfolio breadcrumb (the reason is that a portfolio post can be part of several portfolio overview pages and thus the user can access the portfolio post from several locations). If the user tries to directly access the post the server can’t save a session which helps Choices to build a proper breadcrumb. So if you “navigate” to the “Mitchell Skish” entry by visiting the “Mitchell Tournament” portfolio page first the breadcrumb will include this page too. Otherwise not. If you don’t like this “random” behavior (actually it’s not random but it’s a technical limitation) delete following line in choicesincludeshelper-template-logic.php:


    However the downside of this mod is that the breadcrumb won’t include the portfolio overview page (in this case “Mitchell Tournament”) anymore.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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