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    Is there a way to manipulate the breadcrumb links?

    My issue:

    im having a porfolio with multiple categories. When i’m viewing a portfolio item from category X, the breadcrumbs show: ….category-x/portfolioitem

    When you click the ‘category-x’ a ‘Archive for :” page opens (with sidebar i dont want to use, etc).

    What I would like is that when you are on the ‘portfolio item page’ and click on ‘category-x’, the page that shows the portfolio is displayed.

    Hope anyone can help



    one or more user requested this feature in the past but the current framework/breadcrumb class isn’t laid out for this breadcrumb structure. I reported the request to Kriesi. (The main problem is that wp doesn’t know to which portfolio page the single item is assigned to and that cases can occur where two or more portfolio pages show this item and you can’t just display one portfolio page in the breadcrumb without loosing information.)


    Hi Dude,

    Thanks for your reply.

    So what do you suggest to ‘work around’ this?

    Isnt there a way to set another template instead of the archive page?

    Also I noticed the current page gets the ‘current_crumb’ class. It would be nice if the other crumbs also get a class so i can give them a ‘display:none;’ and the problem would be solved.

    Any suggestions (code) how to achieve this?


    For the breadcrumb class I added ‘class=”breadcrumb_inbetween”‘ to the code of the class-breadcrumb.php’ file. this works for ‘normal’ pages. Still looking for a solution to also add this to the ‘portfolio category’ pages, any suggestions?

    function simple_breadcrumb_case($der_post)


    global $post;

    $markup = $this->options.$this->options.$this->options;

    if (is_page()){

    if($der_post->post_parent) {

    $my_query = get_post($der_post->post_parent);


    $link = ‘<a class=”breadcrumb_inbetween” href=”‘;

    $link .= get_permalink($my_query->ID);

    $link .= ‘”>’;

    $link .= ”. get_the_title($my_query->ID) . ”. $markup;

    echo $link;





    I’m not aware of a workaround. It’s pretty tricky because quick hacks like “http_refer” don’t work every time and can output wired results and “professional” solutions would require some framework changes.



    Ok I noticed that the breadcrumbs does not display the name of the ‘portfolio’ page.

    In the theme options you can set “Which page should display the portfolio?”

    This page does not show up in the breadcrumbs, how can we fix this?




    That’s exactly the same problem. You can’t display the name of the portfolio page in the breadcrumbs but only the portfolio category name because wordpress doesn’t know to which portfolio page the single item is assigned to.


    And there is still no solution for it?



    no sorry. this is a wordpress problem that you really cant solve other than hardcoding it :/

    Best regards,


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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