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    I want to activate the SEO breadcrumb on my site, but I dont’ find how to fix it exactly where I want…

    here is a screenshot :


    what file to modify ???



    1 day


    2 days without any suggestion, that’s not cool…

    relay any idea to simply activate a breadcrumb (the SEO one) on my site and the shop pages ?


    Can you activate the breadcrumb and post a link please – I’ll try to provide custom css code. Basically I’d add the breadcrumb code in header.php (before following line):

    </div><!-- end container_wrap-->


    thank’s ! I copy the code as you say, …but I want the breadcrumb just under the social & search div…

    on my shop pages and blog pages in a container

    thank’s for the support !


    Ok – in this case it’s better to add the code to page.php, single.php, template-blog.php, single-portfolio.php, template-portfolio.php, search.php, template-archives.php and template-dynamic.php. Open up those files and add the breadcrumb code after following line:

    <div class='container'>


    ok ! I just make it, it’s perfect for the Blog pages, like this one : http://atelier.ooblik.com/expositions/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    but on the page like this : http://atelier.ooblik.com/references/

    it’s on the right…how too fix on the left ? like on the blog pages ?

    And last, on my shop pages it’s don’t work, where do I have to put the breadcrumb code ???

    many many thanks’!!!



    have you tried adding it in your functions.php around here? You can “replace” the title with breadcrumbs to make the title be a breadcrumb. Or above it.

    echo "<div class='$extraClass title_container extralight-border'>";
    echo '<h1 class="page-title meta-color">'.$title.'</h1>';
    echo "<div class='title_meta'>";

    Best regards,


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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