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    When using a portfolio page, when you click on learn more of any portfolio item on that page you are correctly taken to the page that contains that post. However, the breadcrumbs on the top of the page is not correct. It does not list the page you came from previously. Rather, it lists the Portfolio Category and when you click on that you go to a page of all of the portfolio items that are within that category on a four column page. So, if you had set up the portfolio page to be a three column page, you are now on a four column page. Also, rather than the title you chose for the portfolio page you get “Archive for Portfolio Category” which is not the nice title we would like on the portfolio page.


    Did you update to Avisio 1.1?

    The Dude


    yes. the problem persists.



    Can you post the site URL?




    I have the same problem. I am running 1.1. Any solutions to this?



    this is the normal output of the breadcrumb function – we would need to rewrite some parts of the breadcrumb function to make it work the way you want.


    Ah, I see. It makes sense> I will put it on my list of possible things to have rewritten. Thanks!


    Just a workaround but… You can create a portfolio category called “gallery” – so the user wouldn’t notice the difference.


    That works pretty good. I made “Gallery” the parent category and “photos” and “video” child categories. I then Categorized all posts as being in both categories. The breadcrumb works better- user gets taken back to gallery archive where all items are..

    I changed the gallery layout to look more like my Portfolio gallery by changing template_portfolio file :

    //default settings for archive pages

    $portfolioInfo = array(‘2′,’one_half’,’M2′,’sort’);

    Everything works great, but the sort wont work in the “Archive for gallery”. If I sort by selecting a category all items disappear as if they weren’t categorized.. Any ideas how I can solve this?

    Also, if I cannot get sorting to work I can remove sorting option, but the Archive name becomes visible..Is there a way to change the name displayed in additional headline area from “Archive for Gallery” to something else- just “gallery”?

    Thanks for the help Dude- I appreciate it!


    I too have this issue. A rewrite of the code would be great because at present it is far from ideal.



    it’s not possible to sort child categories at the moment. Beccause you’re already in the category “gallery” the sort option doesn’t work as because there are no other categories in the archive.

    You can change the archive title by editing archive.php. At the beginning you’l find all title text strings.

    @make21: I think the breadcrumb menu does a great job. Some people like me prefer it the way it displays things now, some others need another structure. I don’t think Kriesi is going to rewrite it soon.


    Hey Dude

    Its probably more a case of me not being able to get it to display simply the things I want without workarounds….

    Dude if you get a chance please take a look at my support request regarding the logo issue I am having.




    I answered your request.


    Thanks Dude – problem resolved!


    Got it. It makes sense.. I can see why the breadcrumb is designed the way it is. Thanks for the workaround!


    Glad that I could help you.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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