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    this is my link

    this product category page is currently under “Designer Bag Accessories” level., but breadcrumb is showing “product” which is going to a different page.

    Is there anyway that I can make it to reflect going back to this page instead?


    Hi papachew!

    Did you set up the “Handle and Strip Protector” category as a child category of “Designer Bag Accessories”? If not go to WooCommerce > Products > Categories and select the “Designer Bag Accessories” category as parent category and it should pop up in the breadcrumb.



    hi Dude, thxs for responding

    But I dont see any “Designer Bag Accessories” listed in product categories listing because it is actually created from pages. So I cant set up a child under “Designer Bag Accessories” as you have suggested

    any other way to go about this?..can i change the php or something? Are you able to guide me in this?

    My sub-categories under “Designer Bag Accessories” were actually previously from a product page but I’ve shifted it to this current structure.

    I had help for the previous breadcumb issue which I was advised to changed the php. I hope the below link help




    You can use following code:

        function avia_modify_event_breadcrumb($trail)
            if(is_tax('product_cat', 55))
                $newtrail = array('<a href="">Designer Bag Accessories</a>');
                array_unshift($newtrail, $trail[0]);
                if(is_single()) $newtrail['trail_end'] = $trail['trail_end'];
                $trail = $newtrail;
            return $trail;

    Insert the code into functions.php (at the very bottom of the file)..



    hi Peter

    I did as you advised but it does seems to be working still

    breadcrumb is still the same as before



    But it seems to work for me now? The “Handle and Strip Protector” category archive page displays a breadcrumb link to the “Designer Bag Accessories” page: and does not show “Product”. Maybe try to clear the browser cache.



    Hi Peter,

    no wonder, i was clicking on the other links.

    If I want the other 3 categories under “Designer Bag Accessories” to have same functions

    How do I do that?

    Can I modify code to below like this?

    if(is_tax(‘product_cat’, 37, 54, 55, 56, ))



    Yes – it would look like

    if(is_tax('product_cat', array(37,54,55,56) ))

    and instead of 37,54,55,56 insert the ids of your terms (comma separated).

    Best regards,


    hi Peter,

    what ado you mean by “ids of your terms”…could you give an example pls?



    See (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -in-wordpress/ – basically you need to search and use the ids of your product categories.


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