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    How can i make the productoverview having under each productpicture the 1st line with the description and the 2nd line with the brandname?

    The current situation that i have is default:


    Product description (can have several lines)


    There must never been a 3rd line with text, so when the description is too long for one line, it should stop at the end of the line.

    The 3rd line will contain the price as it is now.

    To make it a little bit more clearer what i mean:





    Thanks in advance.


    Sorry if i wasnt clear enough. When you click on the link in the post and look at the picture.

    The left picture is how it is with all default settings in Replete theme. I would like to have it as the picture on the rightside.

    I really hope someone could help me what i need to adjust.


    Hi stripboek,

    Without writing a custom function to filter the description and shorten it at a specific word count the only thing I can think of would be to just not use long short descriptions.

    There isn’t an easy setting to adjust that or anything like that as far as I know.




    Thank you Devin for your reply.

    Do you perhaps have a solution for the Brand and description on 2 seperate lines?

    If there is no soultion,to have the brand on a seperate line, is it possible to have a brandlogo in the corner of the productimage? Almost the same as the ‘sale’ button in Replete.


    That should be possible but you’ll need to hire a freelance developer to make the customization unfortunately. I don’t know it off hand but there are functions that will allow you to filter the product list output and add elements to it.

    You may find better brand specific support with though I’ve never used it so I don’t really know exactly its implementation and limitations.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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