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    I’ve encountered 2 problems with developing my website:

    A) When I choose for the boxed layout in the broadscope theme setting, I can select a background color (for the content outside the boxed content)

    Problem: This color is shown only on computers with a very old browser (IE7), but on all other more up-to-date pc’s, the color stays white (and the selected color is not shown)

    Ever heart about this problem? Do you know how I can solve this? (Do I really have to put an image in those settings to get my preferred color?)

    B) On my frontpage (, I want to add a hyperlink behind my self created photoshop-icons.

    But I can’t get this working! I can put hyperlinks behind almost everything (other icons, titles, text,…) but not behind these self created photoshop-icons. Any idea how i can fix this?

    I’ve already tried 2 things to get this working:

    – In the WYSWYG-Editor, I’ve selected the icon + clicked on the “Add Link” icon.

    – in the html-editor I’ve also tried to add the code href=”” to the icon-code:

    image-code: src=”” href=”” alt=”” …

    But when I save this code, It automatically loses my added href-code…

    Very strange…

    Thanks for your reply already!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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