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    I currently have a “Book I’m reading” widget on my blog and wanted to know what you all suggest that can easily implement an affiliate link to the book. Currently it’s just a static image with the title and authors name, but it’s a pain that others can’t just click the image of the book that would lead them to another link to read about it or even lead them to an affiliate link on Amazon. Any suggestions? I’d also like to have an online library of books I’ve read, with the same attributes. Any advice? I appreciate it.


    Well I found a good plugin that looks like will cover what I want I suppose I should have waited till I couldn’t find anything again. Just sharing in case someone else is interested in doing the same.


    Hi gonzosan,

    Glad that you shared the information. :)




    Honestly I have yet to find a plugin that does what I hoped it would do. The Library one is nice, but the background is white and it displays the images really small. Also I noticed with the longer titles it doesn’t “wrap” them around underneath the book is makes them expand across the entire length of the box. I wanted something that will just post a gallery of all the books that were clickable with affiliate links. I’m thinking maybe a modified gallery plugin will have to suffice, but I’d like to be able to just plug in information rather than having to manually get the images of the books. I have well over 150 books+ I want to put up.


    Hey gonzosan,

    I like the idea as well. I’m surprised there isn’t already a good plugin for something like that with how many active readers there are these days. I would love to actually build something like this if I ever get a chance to work on a fun creative side project!

    Something like this with some modification to support affiliate links maybe:



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