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    Hi again.

    I have a few issues to post (been waiting for this new forum) I am starting by the easy ones ( I guess).

    In the site I am working on,, I wanted to set up the font for the accordion

    .heading_clone, .sliderheading {font-weight:bold}.

    However, if I do this, the ie version looks very bad due to the inline css, filter:alpha (opacity).

    I’ve been trying a workaround for it (a few hours already and I quit. The only solution I got was to use a strong font (as you can see there: Arial Black. However, I would prefer to have the original font as bold. Do you have a solution at hand?




    It seems you are not running the latest version of the theme, at least thats what your css file states ;)

    I ve uploaded a fix for the ie opacity problem a while back, you might want to update the theme to the latest version to get it applied ;)


    Hi. Great.

    I want to try that.

    I have done some changes in a few files. Mainly, Translation. Is there a way to update the theme without

    Do you happen to know which files you changed in the theme update?



    I created this site for testing:

    I updated the files that the release pdf mentioned (all from version 1.22 to 2, 2 jumps).

    I also updated the css files for the theme options from the css folder.

    Still, the slider resolves pretty bad in ie8 standard mode.

    Would you please tak a look at it? and tell me if I need to do anything else. In firefox, it goes ok.




    To upgrade, I just copied the files mentioned in the release pdf. Is it all I need to do?


    I wil have a look at it but I am not sure why it doesnt work for you (currently cant check it since my mac harddrive crashed and I don’t have Internet explorer available)

    It should definitley be ok with the latest version…



    I uploaded a screenshot of it:

    The site is

    If you turn the font-wheight into “bold” it gets bad-looking – I guess it has to do with the alpha filter in ie(7 or 8).

    I have the latest version. From the files I updated:





    js folder

    framework folder

    theme-options folder

    should I have updated any other folder / file?

    thanks in advance for your help


    Personally I would update every file from the latest theme download. Framework files shouldn’t need changing (in terms of language) but additional functionality / bug fixes may be present which will affect the theme files and presentation.

    The safest way to modify a theme is to use a child theme. For more information, check out the Child Themes page in the Codex.


    ok. I’ll try the child theme approach. But, once I am just landing on this WP world, it might take a bit.

    Meahwhile, just for peace of mind, could you pls. try a custom css with

    .heading_clone {



    and see how it looks on ie7/8?




    Hi again.

    I checked for you. This is what you get in ie7/8 if you do so in your Themeforest demo:

    The Bold Font would be a nice feature. I have been trying hard to solve it but no luck. If you happen to solve it, well – I would be quite thankfull.





    This issue would most likely require an update to the theme to fix. I’ve marked this for Kriesi’s attention.




    Great. Once this not a major fault, I’ll put this as solved and hope for Kriesi to have time to do something about it.

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