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    Something weird happens with the sidebars…

    I set up a page called “Blog” and assigned as the blog page for my site on both Abundance Theme Options AND WordPress Settings -> Posts Page.

    Now, if I select Default Blog layout as “Medium preview image, left and right sidebar” the blog page is ok (two sidebars) BUT the sidebars ALSO appear on Category and Subcategory pages on my shop! All the other pages are ok, with only one sidebar to the right.

    Now I’m lost! :-P

    Any clue? Thanks!

    PS: I’m using the last version of everything… :-)


    Hey Ernexto,

    Could you provide a link to your site (if you have it live) so I can take a look at what is happening.




    It’s not live yet… but for now I’ll keep the “default blog layout” option as “big preview image, right sidebar”, that solves the problem. Once live, I’ll give you the link. Thank You!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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