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    Why does the link to the title of the blog lead to a 400 bad request page? I set my BLOG as the posts page in the reading settings and the blog page is set up but when you click on the title of the blog it leads to an empty page? Any suggestions?



    Hi jycreative13,

    You shouldn’t need to set anything for wordpress’s reading setting. You should set the home page and blog page from the theme settings.

    At the site in your user account (youtzadvertising) I’m not getting any 404 page from any of the links for the title or blog so I’m not sure if it may have gone away or it was a cache error or somethign like that.




    Ok thanks. I adjusted the post page in theme settings but when you click on – BLOG then the blog titled “A Flight To Romania…” the link is broken. Do I need to direct the title link to a page to prevent this?



    Check your permalink settings in Settings>Permalink. Trying changing it to Default, saving the change then back to Post name and saving it once again.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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