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    I’ve just flagship to create a site for a friend. Everything is working great except the blog.
    This blog will be used for movies and pictures of trips. I want to set a picture for a thumbnail.
    If I set this image as a featured image, it doesn’t show.

    Only way to show is if I set is as featured media > add image to slideshow. But then the image is extra in the post and the thumbnail enlarges the image. I just want the thumbnail image and titel to be a post link.

    Also for the movies, I want the image to be a movie image, created by me.

    I’ve used the standard format for the post. So what should I do to achieve this.
    Hope you can help, if you need to know the site, let me know



    Hi jeffreyvanoostrom!

    If you want the image not to open on a lightbox, edit the post then beside the image slideshow click “Show”. Look for “Apply link to image?”, choose “No link” or “Link to this post”.



    I know that’s possible, but that doesn’t work either
    See here I don’t want that big picture :-)



    What big picture? Can you post a screenshot?

    Try to add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    .template-blog .post-entry .slideshow_container.slide_container_small {
    display: none;

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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