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    In all other themes I have used I was able to have the just excerpts of the blog posts show up on the blog pages, then someone could click read more or whatever to go to full post. With this theme it is displaying the full post. I have installed a plugin called fancy excerpts but it is not working. I realize there is an excerpt place but even when I do that it still shows full posts and never had to put anything in there before to get just excerpts. I have it also setup in reading settings as summary but still with all of that still showing full posts. Can some please tell me how to only have excerpts show up? thanks


    Use the “insert more tag” in the visual editor. This produces a read more button in preview


    just did that and put a three or four sentences in and now all that shows is the post title and read more. thanks


    working now but never had to do that before. Live and learn hopefully! thanks


    I have the problem, but in reverse.

    I have an excerpt, and a read more button, but this button does not link to the rest of the post. it throws the “Error, page not found” page.

    Please help?



    @efusjon glad you’ve got this figured out!!

    @lyam what’s the site URL?

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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