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    Hey, on a blog pages (main blog page, archives, categories) i see a full content, but i want it to be an excerpt with “Read more” link. How can i set it? Thank in advance, Vlad.


    I’m also having the same problem.


    *bump* + one more voice added :)

    of course one could use the “more” tag in the content, but using custom excerpts on blog overview and archive pages has a lot of advantages (more customization, more value for SEO).

    Would be cool if we could select this in the template designer’s “blog” section, like a tick box “use custom excerpts where available”


    Is there a certain secret policy ;-) about what forum posts are ignored and which not? I have so far received valuable and knowledgable feedback from staff almost immediately in several cases, other rather simple questions (like this one) and bug reports (like the post about the missing list formats in product description tabs) are flat out ignored.

    This question here is of interest to at least 3 paying customers, and even if you consider it to be a customization topic, it would be nice to hear either

    – a solution

    – a hint in which file/function/whatever we could start looking,

    – or at least a blatant: “not our problem, do not expect a solution from us” – or maybe a “have to ask Kriesi, expect answer next week”.

    thanks for talking to us. :)


    In includes/loop-index.php replace:

    the_content(__('Read more  →','avia_framework'));


    if(! is_single()){
    the_content(__('Read more →','avia_framework'));


    thanks Dude! will modify the code a bit further to show a nice “read more” link under the excerpt, but that was exactly what I (and most likely the others as well) was looking for.

    Just placed the modified file in the /includes folder of my child theme, works.


    Hi Martin from Waldwort – did you come up with a nice mod for the ‘Read More’ bit? if so would you mind sharing? Thanks



    Sure thing Vincent – actually it is just a tiny addendum to the modification that Dude posted:

    errrr, wtf – looks like there are too many single quotes in that code, I can’t post it here without the code (between code tags) getting partially executed…

    one second, will post a screen…

    here you go: http://d.pr/QQrK

    That gives you the usual “Read more” link under the excerpt and can be translated as you can see on http://www.waldwort.com/blog




    Thats great Martin and thank you


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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