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    How can I make my posts appear with no sidebar? I also want to remove comments from the post, I just want a clean page with no “comments” or “leave reply”.

    If you look at my page you’ll also see that the featured image is stretched, how can I keep it proportional?



    Sorted out the featured image, just need help with posts page.



    Hi mixedmedia,

    You can hide the sidebar two ways.

    1) Add this to your custom.css:

    .sidebar { display: none; }

    The advantage is this will hide the sidebar from view. The disadvantage this leaves the content aligned left.

    2) You can create a dynamic template under Corona > Template Builder and set the Dynamic Page Template Layout to “fullsize, no sidebar” then save. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to add the other elements as you see fit like “Post/Page Content”. When you’re done go to the blog post, on the right there’s a box called Page Layout. Select “Dynamic Template” then whatever you called the template you created.

    Hope this helps!




    Works great thanks, but it seems to kick out my featured image, which element would I pick to show featured image.




    To remove comments please click Screen Option (its a small vertical button almost in top right corner of the page) in Add/edit Post. Then check the box labeled Comments and at the bottom of the page now you will see new options to show/hide comments.

    To change the size of your images, in the back-end go to Settings > Media. Think of the maximum width and maximum height of your images to control the size of the image.

    I see that the featured image is now working on your site.




    Thanks Nick

    The featured image I just put back on that post to show the client. If I give a a post a full page dynamic template it still kicks out my featured image, see

    Do I need to select something particular in “Add Elements” to keep the image?




    I see a bottle at the top of the page, positioned vertically (by the way , you should position it horizontally, otherwise it creates large open spaces to the right and left that serve no purpose making things look strange.). I looked via Chrome and Firefox.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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