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    My question is about the default blog page which shows a list of the blog posts.

    1. Now it looks bland because it doesn’t show an image. Can I have it show an image that falls within the section it’s showing (or any other way)?

    2. On my blog posts I have a subhead and then the content. Any way to format how the “snipet” on the blog page shows?

    3. On the blog page I’d like to have a top header that displays above the first blog post listing. (probably something like the style used on the “big title” page layout)

    Thanks for all the help. The theme is working very nicely. I knew it would have to be tweaked to work for me, and took a chance that our support would be good (and it has been).


    I have the same question. Everything is working great, but I just want to show an image or video above the snippet from a blog post. Only thing I want to figure out before I start filling everything in with my own content. Thanks to anyone who can help.


    I also have these same questions.


    Hi geekchoice35a,

    You can change the way the blog page display settings under General Settings. The top option can be changed to Display Image Above Entry.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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