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    Hallo! Propulsion is a great theme, but I still can’t manage all its options.

    In the Blog page of my website in spite of the options I chose in the template builder, it shows ALL the categories of blog posts instead of the few ones I set.

    Thank you for your attention!




    make sure that you didn’t set the same page as blog page. You can’t apply a dynamic template to the blog page. So you can either:

    1) Select as blog page (Options panel)


    2) Use another page as blog page and apply a dynamic template (which contains the blog element) to


    Thank you Dude. Finally I understand. I didn’t find any advice about that in user’s manual. Maybe it could be specified in the Propulsion Options. ;)


    Yes – I’ll ask Kriesi to add this because we got similiar requests :)


    Yay! thank you! This made my day. So what you are saying is, Don’t set a blog page in the Options Panel if you want to use a dynamic template. ?

    terryd, nancygyes’s web person


    Yes – if you’d like to use slideshows, etc. in combination with the blog element then you need to create a standard page + dynamic template instead of selecting this page as “blog page”.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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