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    Hi –

    We have added two posts to our blog (called Articles), and both have a slideshow image. However, the newer blog always shows 2 of the same image. If we change the order of the blogs, the newer one ends up with two images. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Here is the url:

    Thank you! :)


    Hi graphicwise,

    How are you inserting the images on your posts?




    Hi… through the Featured Media area on the page, where it says “add any number of images and/or videos”. Besides inserting it directly into the post (which didn’t show a thumbnail on the mail blog page), I don’t know where else I add the image.





    Please just try to re create the posts since you have only have 2. Let us know what happens.




    Hi I tried it again, and same problem. Here is the page:

    Any ideas? Thanks.


    Maybe you applied a dynamic template to the blog page which adds a slideshow before the first blog posts? I investigated the content and it seems like the first slideshow is displayed before the post loop.


    So how do I take the dynamic-ness off of the blog page? I tried a tweaking things here and there but nothing happens. Can you give me a step by step if you don’t mind? Thanks in advance.


    I checked everything, even the template area, but all I have is a BLOG option, pagination, and nothing more. Please help!

    Please email me at (Email address hidden if logged out) and I can send you my username and password to my website if you can figure it out faster than I can. Thank you again.



    E-mail your admin details at ///. Don’t forget to include the url of this thread. :)


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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