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    Hi, i´m having a issue with my blog page, it shows the post in all the languages i have, but only in the default language, when i change to ex: es/blog only shows the post that are in spanish….

    Probably its something i have set wrong, but can figure it out…





    Are you using WPML to translate your website?

    Best regards,



    Hi Dude, yes i´m.

    Actually i´m new to it… Also is it normal that to create a template i have to deactivate WPML… if not it gives error?




    No thats not really normal :)

    Concerning the wpml related problems I would recommend to try and get support from their support forum. I am not familiar enough with the plugin to offer a fast and smart solution, dont really know why this is happening.

    If you are talking about creating a template: are you talking about a dynamic template I guess? Which error message do you receive?

    Also are there any other plugins that might interfere?


    Hi, sorry for the delay, season starting…

    When i want to change (add new elements) or create a new dinamic template i have to deactivate the WPML plugin… and like that everything goes ok… if i dont deactivate, everytime i want to add a element it shows the error message “couldnt add the element cause the server didnt respond, please wait a few seconds and try again” … can wait forever… and saving the same prob, it shows”saving didnt work…wait…try again “

    Maybe is something i have set wrong in the WPML options… will contact them…

    Thanks for your time!!




    Hi Hector,

    Let us know if you are able to find a resolution to this. Its definitely not an ideal situation to have to deactivate the plugin each time you want to edit and I’m curious to see what is causing the issue since so many of the users are using WPML.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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