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    how can I solve it, so that a blog overview page (like demo here) has a different sidebar, i.e. different widgets than a (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /”>single post.

    I would like to add to the blog overview page completely other widgets than I would place in the sidebar of a single post.

    (Within themes options I can create custom sidebars, but only for PAGES – and a single post is not a page.)



    Please install this plugin

    When you look at any widgets after installing the plugin you will see an extra field. This is where you can place conditional tags to direct where the plugin is to be shown:.


    is_single() – any post

    is_single( ‘3’ ) – only on post whose id=3

    is_page() – any page

    and so on, there are a few dozen of these conditional tags so you can narrow it down as much as you want and add multiple instances of the same widget so that depending on the logic it will be shown in the same location but with different settings.

    Please read more here ->

    Complete list of conditional tags ->

    Good luck,



    thanks, and where do I put the widgets, in “Display everywhere” in general?

    I remember have something read here in CORONA’s forum …


    Hi colorit2,

    You could put them in Display Everywhere or for your needs you could just add them to the Blog sidebar and then limit the ones you want to only show on is_single().



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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