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    Most recent Display theme.

    Blog Options> Exclude Categories…

    this doesn’t work when I select “Yes” for exclude from sidebar… all categories still appear in the Blog page sidebar.


    Hi shawnra,

    I’m unable to reproduce this error in my version of 2.0.3 so I’m going to tag the rest of the team to see if they’re able to.




    Hi, Shawnra,

    I also tested and it worked. This is what I did:

    1) I created a Post (not a Page) called ‘Test Post Gold’ , and before saving on the right side under the Publish button, I added the Category I called Gold and saved. I repeated the same to Make Test Page Silver , and Test Page Bronze, with gold, silver and bronze categories.

    2) Then i created a Page , calling it Gold Only, and on the right below the Publish button, I selected from Templates drop-down menu the Blog option and saved.

    3) Then in display options > blog options i selected the Gold Only Page for the blog page, I excluded Silver and then Bronze categories ans selected the radio button to exclude from sidebar; and saved.

    4) Then I went to Appearance > WIdgets , and added categories widget to the Sidebar Blog – Calling it Gold it is. and saved. When I loaded the Gold only Page I made , on the left side there was the Gold it is widget showing 1 post in Gold category while ignoring silver and bronze.

    Good Luck,



    Hi all,

    Nick, after following your instructions it works… but that applies to “Category” widget… I only have one category for my blog posts and that’s blog (since categories determine blog or portfolio post)

    What I was trying to do was add the “Recent Posts” widget but now that I think of it I would rather have “tags” as the sidebar… can that be done the same way you explained above and just show tags for posts?


    1) With this said, is it possible to do this for tags on the blog page (exclude specific tags from appearing)?

    2) Have a recent posts in my footer and exclude specific posts categories?

    Thank you!



    That functionality is not part of the theme (At the moment), however it is possible to do this by using multiple categories for each post so if you have have category apples, you can create subcategories such as green apples and red apples. Thereby you can exclude all the red apples from showing up. Some websites have thousands and even tens of thousands of tags, with new ones added to each blog post depending upon the subject. Please read this very recent article (http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/categories-vs-tags/) which explains the concept perfectly (I just did and liked this article a lot).

    1) At the moment the ability to exclude specific tags from a widget is not part of the Display theme. However there is a number of free plugins available which allow tags (as well as anything else) to be selectively excluded. Here is a popular one (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simply-exclude/).

    2) You can try to use the above mentioned plugin since it will block categories, authors, taxonomies, post types from just about anywhere. Such a customization is best handled by a freelance developer since they are outside the scope of the support team.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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