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    When I add a blog module to my dynamic template is not showing the sidebar but instead is making the posts narrowed leaving a blank space where the sidebar is supposed to be.

    I see here an errors since this should not be contradictory. Or we have a full width blog with not sidebar or we need a blog that actually includes the side bar, Which is what you claim in the manual. “Blog, adds a blog with sidebar to the template. You can choose which categories should be displayed, as well as how many entries and if a pagination should be displayed as well.” (it doesn’t say how to include a sidebar) I added sidebars for categories, blog sidebar and page and no one show up. Please help. This should be fixed and posted in an update.

    Thank you very much!



    the blog doesn’t offer a “fullwidth layout” at the moment. You can add widgets to the sidebar though by using the “Sidebar Blog” or “Displayed Everywhere” widget area. I’ll report it as a feature requrest to Kriesi.


    None of the sidebars worked. I have sidebar blog and everywhere widget and not one is showing up.


    I still waiting for an answer on this. Please notice the blog module is not loading the side bad widget when using the template builder. I have checked sidebar blog and everywhere widget and not one is showing up.


    I reported it to Kriesi and asked him if he can reproduce the bug. I tested it on two servers (offline and online) with various module combinations (only blog, blog with page, blog with portfolio) and I the widget areas displayed correct.


    Ok this is what i did:

    I have a page named News (in default template) then I created a new template called news and add the following components

    1- Page Content (to include a piece of text on top)

    2- Blog ( selected news category )

    Also add a an archive widget to “News” Categories side bar – also have widgets on Blog sidebar

    There is not sidebars showing up.

    I can sacrifice the content on top but the blog template will include all cat and I only want to show one.


    I am having the same issue with the dynamic template builder and not using the blog, just pulling content. Made a template pulled page content from two pages, made a widget area for this page using the template and I get a blank sidebar area. Have tried everything. Any luck? I don’t have a link unfortunately because I am working locally but I would love to figure this out.


    Hey guys!

    Could anyone send me the login data to his/her wordpress installation as well as to your ftp server via mail?

    I tried to reproduce the error as well but it works fine for me. maybe its a server configuration problem or a plugin interfering.

    As soon as I recieved the login data I will try to work on a fix :)

    Best regards



    I can provide login info to WordPress but not access to server. How can i send you that information? I don’t see any email.


    You can use this

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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