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    Loved this theme. Just about setting it up. The hassle am facing is that the main blog page is showing the list of blog posts with the entire blog content on it. I’d like to know how only a paragraph can be shown and can have a ‘read more’ button for the users to go to a particular post to read the entire content.

    Appreciate a response on this.





    open up loop-index.php (located in the folder “includes”) and search for following code:

    the_content(__('Read more','avia_framework'));

    Replace it with:



    Thanks a ton dude. Got it.



    Glad that I could help you :)


    I can not find this anywhere! There is no includes from the wp admin so I went to cpanel and found wp-includes from my ftp files but then when I search for loop-index it couldn’t find it in any of my files so I went back to the wp admin and searched through all of the php editor and couldnt find it…..

    Please help, maybe more detailed instructions.





    the includes folder is in the Broadscope main directory. Go to wp-content > themes > Broadscope > includes


    In my cpanel? I went to wp-content > themes> but then no broadscope….. So you have to be talking about the from the cpanel files right? Sorry but im still kinda new to this.


    Which theme are you using?


    I am using the 3 in 1 display with the slider.



    In Display the syntax is slightly different but the same code to change.

    Using a text editor (such as Text Edit or Notepad but NOT Word) open up template_blog.php and around line 85 change this code:

    the_content('





    I have the same problem, all my archive, blog pages have the entire post and no read more buttons. I have installed this theme (habitat) twice, once locally, no problems nad readmore button is there and once on the live site and no read more buttons. I have looked my hardest for these two files mentioned above with no luck :-(

    any other thoughts?





    Habitat uses this code in archive.php and index.php


    the_content('<span>'.__('Read more','habitat').'</span>'); ?>




    Thank you!

    Using the Display theme when switching from the “the_content(‘Read more’);” to “the_excerpt();” On the blog page it only displays two sentences of the blog and doesn’t provide the “Read More” button.

    Is it possible to allow it display a whole paragraph of text and then place the “Read More” button after the excerpt on the blog page?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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