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    Really enjoying the theme so far (especially the Avia Advanced Editor) but I have an issue I’m not sure how to correct. I’m using the “Blog Posts” content element to bring some of my Blog posts to my front page. However, of the options available none of them feature the standard featured image to the side of the blog post. Is there any way this can be added to our layout choices within the “Blog Posts” element, specifically a decision to choose where we would like the thumbnaill to appear (either at the top, left side, right side or bottom of the post)?


    Hi cameron329!

    Thank you for using the support forum!

    Any feedbacks and comments from you are greatly appreciated and we have noted this particular request as possible improvements for the theme. As of now, the features that you want for the blog is not available yet within the theme. We cannot provide an exact timeline on when this particular feature might be included but you’ll see it on the theme’s change log in case. If it is ok with you, we would like to see a screenshot of the blog that you want to have. We can definitely help you with a little aesthetic changes but we need to know what you’re trying to accomplish.

    You can vote or open a new request for this feature on our Enfold Feature Request page.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the reply Ismael. I look forward to seeing this feature added. If it’s possible to also request another feature, the ability to add an hr tag in between each blog post with the ability to control the hr’s width, color and other properties either directly through Avia or through custom CSS would be extremely beneficial. It would also be extremely nice to have the ability to cut down as much “white space” between posts as possible, giving us a handy way to adjust spacing between posts directly through Avia, but again, something that could be accomplished through the CSS just as easily provided the correct # tag location.

    Please visit for an idea of what I’d like to accomplish through Avia. The thumbnail image is in the correct spot, but I’d like to be able to control the size, as well as add an hr tag as discussed earlier between posts.

    Also just as an FYI, the link you added above does not work, it takes me to a bad 400 Gateway.



    You can do this – Kriesi already added an element called “post_delimiter” between the blog entries and you can use it to style the space between the entries. I.e. use this css code in the quick css field:

    .template-blog .post_delimiter {
    border-bottom: 1px #e2e2e2 solid;

    to show a border between the entries.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the suggestion Dude. This worked great on the Blog page, now if it could only be incorporated into the Avia “Blog” setup as an option I’d be in business. I’ll add that to the list of requests for future features.

    Speaking of, where might I formally submit these requests?



    You can post your requests here – and vote existing ones


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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