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    I asked this question in manutrash’s post referring to blog format but never got an answer so I’m reposting.

    I like the blog date, comment box and tags where they are (aligned left of title at beginning of post content) but would like the text and rest of content that falls below the height of those (plus a 10px bottom margin) to extend (wrap) all the way to the left in order to fill the left space below date/comment/tags section.

    I hope I am explaining it right. You can see here: http://www.griffingraffix.com/google-search-results1/ how the main text is in a narrow (about 450px) column. Basically, starting at:

    “….better chances of being seen when and by whom it matters.

    Now, something else may be about to change in how web page results are displayed…..”

    I would like that to start full left and extend full width to side bar so it would be about 650 or 700 px wide, whatever the full width of that column can be to fit with sidebar.

    I would like to make use of the full width space below date & comment boxes.




    I’ve played around with the css code but I couldn’t get any satisfying results. I’m not sure if it’s possible to float the text around the post meta section but I don’t think so…


    Hi Dude,

    hmmm… I was thinking that maybe the way to get it to work that way was to put the queries for date, comments, and other meta in a div (inside main content one) – align top left with a fair right+bottom margin – and wrap the rest of text content around it.

    But since I’m not a coder in any way shape or form, this is way beyond my skills.

    I know this is not a simple customization but I was really hoping you guys could help me with it. I love this theme for so many reasons; its cleanliness & simple appearance etc, it’s classy & professional looking and works great! but, I don’t like making a page longer than it has to be when there is so much available space that can be used without cluttering it, and I was hoping to also be able to post larger images in some posts without people having to use lightbox.

    Let me know if you can help or not or if I’ll have to pay someone to code it for me.


    Basically this should be possible but will trigger some more customization work because you need to adjust some css code, etc. to the new content structure. At the moment it’s a 3 grid column which contains the meta and a main content div. If you pull the post meta section into the main content you’ll need to define the content area: a new width, new padding values, float the elements in a different way, etc.

    I think it’s probably a time intensive task….


    ok, yes it would be if we use the blog layout templates as they are all in 3 columns as you say, but what if I used the full page with sidebar layout and renamed it, added a div with a specific ID inside main content and added all the meta queries inside it?

    If I give this #div the CSS margins I need right & bottom then insert the queries for meta in that div. Maybe I’m wrong but wouldn’t the rest of the content just wrap around it naturally?

    Of course, I’d have to copy all the other blog php calls into that new page so it works as a blog.

    I suppose I’d also have to change a call somewhere else to point to that new page as single post page template. Or I can name it same as the template I am now using.

    Wouldn’t that be much simpler? I’m just asking because I am very new to wordpress and know just about nothing about php so looking for some guidance from you.

    In any case, if it’s really beyond the scope of your support I understand… and if you can tell me if this would work better for modification and you can’t do it because as you say, it may be too time consuming for you guys, at least I’ll know where to point a coder to ask for help.

    Thanks Dude, awaiting your reply :D


    I think this is a too complex solution. I’m sure that there’s a way to achieve what you want by using the current template and css mods or a slightly modified version of the current template with css modifications. Maybe try to change the element types from div to inline elements like spans. Maybe try to remove the grid structure from the blog meta (in includes/loop-index.php by removing the grid3 class, etc.). Major html structure/content mods always cause a lot of work because you need to start cross browser tests, etc.


    ok, not sure I got all of that but will relay info to a coder and hope it won’t cost me too much.

    Thanks for your help Dude!


    Hopefully your coder can help you :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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