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    hi, couple of things you can help me with please:

    1. how do I change the H1 title ‘Blog – latest news’ that is currently showing at the top of my defined blog page? I have created a new page (not called ‘Blog’) that will act as my news and posts page. However when I customise the theme and set my new posts page, it adds this title to the page. How can I change this title to ‘News and posts’ or whatever I decide I want it to be?

    2. That same heading seems to be different sizes across my site, how do I ensure these are all the same size. It appears that the ‘Callout style’ is a different size to the ‘H1’ heading. Do I have to add a template through template builder for all my pages?

    (I did start the site by importing the ‘dummy data’, is this what is causing the issue)

    thanks again for your help



    Hi maj,

    1) You should be able to just change the title of the page that you have designated to hold the blog page. So in the Theme Options you selected a blog page using the dropdown in the main options. That page’s title is the one that will display on the blog pages.

    2) That heading should be the same for pretty much everywhere. Can you link to different pages that are showing it differently?

    If its inside a template I could see it being different, but in that case it should be since content structure is different.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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