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    hello !!

    i am trying add featured image in post and show on blog page

    like your demo site


    just dunno know how….

    i did Gallery Option > Image Gallery < Upload

    in my post, still nothing happen on blog page

    please help ~~:))


    i also have a question about the blog. how i do set it up? i can’t figure out how to get the blog to show on the page. i have on idea where it is or how i get it to work. sorry, prob stupid question! thanks =)


    HI brianshumw:

    follow step

    1.create a page name “BLOG” (or whatever you like),

    2.ADMIN>Flashlight>Theme Option>”And where do you want to display the Blog?”

    3.Select “BLOG” page


    I have found the solution :


    :)) sorry about disturb


    hi snotky i don’t see that option on that page, i only see ‘frontpage setting.’ below that is logo then below that google analytics. when i installed it, i did see that option, but i’ve changed things and don’t see it now. not sure why…..


    i figure it out. i selected a page, then deleted it, so the name wouldn’t show up on the menu, but that makes it so i can’t select a page for the blog….thanks!


    another blog problem: i have front page selected as ‘home’ and i selected to display the blog on the blog page. i create a post and it shows up on the blog page as it should, but it also shows up on the ‘home’ page. why? i don’t want the blog posts to show up on the front page.


    i selected a page, then deleted it,……….. <— why delete ??

    for example:

    you have 2page “home”and”blog”

    step2.Admin>Flashlight>Theme Option>”And where do you want to display the Blog?”

    direct to blog page

    or your problem is menu, check video tutorial


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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